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Photography and

visual manipulation                        Eloise Myers 

Based on an article by             Bella whittaker


Instagram                                     @mindm0ments

Models                                                Liv Morton 

                                                           Em Brittain 

                                                         Eloise Myers

"These plant heads play with the idea of companies deceiving us into a green conscience by using sustainability and green as a facade for money-making intentions, ie Green washing. The plants capture this green conscience we are being tricked into, the fact they are edited in also plays with these ideas of facades, deception and being tricked.
The human bodies act as a tool to connect with the viewer, you see a human, you are a human, we can’t help but instantly feel some sort of feeling or connection."


"I chose two settings to capture this in, the self shoot in a studio using plants and poker tokens to create a throne like set. The poker tokens scattered about represent the driving force for sustainability being used with brands, money and power gains. Poker being gambling plays on this deceiving concept further. The plants act as these sustainable promises. I then used shop settings as well, this being the front lines of the war of tricking us into the green conscience. The very spaces people are constantly fooled in."

Eloise Myers, Photographer / Art photography

"I have a strong interest in making people think. Creating something which will cause the viewer to pause, and perhaps invent a new meaning to put alongside my work, thus interpreting the view that everything is subjective. This notion fascinates me.

I aim to challenge things, to push boundaries, to create something new. I enjoy making common things appear alienated and questionable, challenging your sight sense to form something identifiable. I like producing moments (with conceptual ideas, most likely inspired byart history, philosophy or the world around us) which make you question the moment you are in. I would like my audience to think of the possibilities and potential of our every day reality. To think about our physical interaction with the material world, to question what makes us form an experience in our minds, how do we then experience it, and then why do we place it into a moment of time in our shared reality.

My aim is to try and capture my mind, the moments and creations it thinks up. To put them on paper, or a screen so they have the potential to be shared by people and spark thought on the world around us, on the world we live in."

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