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"We included lots of recycled excess fabrics, mirrors and fruits to symbolise the consumer’s chaotic vanity (mine included…) which tends to blind more empathic decision-making, leading us to again choose the path of instant gratification.  I love symbolism and mythology as means to tell a story, therefore, I attempted to reference the Greek myth of Narcissus through the interaction between the models, mirrors, flowers and fruits.


We had fun experimenting together and communicating on how we could best respond to the article, thank you fashion society!!"

-Abi Potter xx

Photography                                          Abi potter

Models                               Maneka Madanayake

                                                           Ines Ventura


Social media                                    @doubl3futur3

Assisted by                                         Holly Adams

"I wanted to capture the realities of the industry's unethical environmental impact. In my practice, whether that be painting or photography, I love the maximalist and saturated look! I think that it creates an aura of fun and charisma within an image to draw you in. My favourite photographers include the likes of David LaChapelle and Ren Hang both of whom encourage the experimentation of colour and texture. For this shoot, I feel these influences were fitting because I wanted to emphasise the gluttony of the fashion industry today using these kinds of eccentric and surreal components."

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