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'Escapism' and 'Dopamine'


A VISUAL deconstructION OF dopamine dressing AND ESCAPISM IN FASHION IN ARTS AND CULTURE DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC through the destructive medium of collage

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"I have used a mixture of failed film pictures, material from old and new fashion magazines and cuttings from National Geographic magazines in the collages. I find the majority of the old fashion magazines on eBay or by rummaging around in charity shops. The National Geographic magazines I use are either from my dad’s old collection or from my neighbour’s discarded collection. The disposable film pictures are happy mistakes, a result of pictures I accidentally took of the inside of my bag. There is something very satisfying about developing a new, shiny piece of work from old, discarded pieces of paper..."

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"... I often try to combat my incessant need for perfectionism through collage, with rough edges, wonky lines, and sticky fingers. Using Edwina Keary’s article, ‘How Fashion Reads the Room’, I aim to depict two main themes presented through the article – dopamine dressing and escapism. The botanical utopia growing from the brain signifies the idea presented through the article of escapism and the comfort developed through regressing to old fashion trends in an attempt to combat uncertainty. I portray the notion of dopamine dressing through the introduction of various colours and patterns. The chemical composition and structure of dopamine is also depicted carrying the theme further."

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'how fashion reads the room'

by edwina keary

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