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Designer Spotlight:

Neto Ken-amobi

Written by Matilda Snook


IMG_4150 (1).JPG

Looking at the beautiful garments that Neto Ken-Amobi has created for the Trashion Show, it is hard to believe that some of these pieces were crocheted in just one night. Taking up crochet at the age of 16, in only three years Neto has mastered her art form and is now never without a project on the go. For this year’s Trashion show she has created two looks for the catwalk, both of which showcase her immense technical skill, and her natural creativity and eye for fashion. 

Originally a knitter, Neto transitioned to crocheting as it enabled her to work faster and create more of the things she likes. Her habit for constantly creating was evident from a young age, where Neto tells me “I would get into trouble with teachers for knitting in school”. Not much has changed now, as she continues to fill her free time creating new pieces for her own wardrobe and for her crochet store @neto.crochetstore

 As well as being a passion of hers, crochet is a calming and mindful routine for Neto and she emphasises its importance for her mental health and wellbeing. It’s a relief to hear that crochet isn’t a stressful practice for Neto as she has been especially busy recently, creating products for her stall at the Trashion Show. Selling hats, bags, sweater vests, earrings, tops and more, she is excited to use the stall to show off her amazing pieces and gain some more exposure. Above all though, Neto says that the most exciting part of the process is seeing people wearing her creations, “making things for other people is my love language” she says.  Looking at the variety of beautiful hand-made items available at her store, anyone can see that this store is a labour of love for Neto.



Neto has always wanted to be involved in a fashion show, but never expected it to be as a designer. Originally taking inspiration from the second-hand yarn that her Mum’s friend was about to throw away, Neto has given the discarded material a new life. Sustainability is important to Neto’s practice, she usually buys yarn in charity shops or through bidding on ebay, and for the Trashion show she has sourced all her materials second-hand. Using the FFS Pinterest board as a starting point to generate ideas for her looks, Neto envisioned her designs and immediately set to work making them. Neto’s process is impulsive and instinctive, a testament to her natural creative talent and skill. Without using any sketches or pattern, she simply generates an idea in her brain and makes it. “I just think of it and make it”, she tells me whilst pulling out the garments; seeing them, I find it astounding that they have been made without any pattern and in the space of only a few hours, the execution is flawless.


Her first look is comprised of a skirt and top, with crocheted “lace” detailing, inspired by the looks pinned on the metamorphosis moodboard. The inspiration for her second look came from a tiktok video Neto saw of a crocheted dress which she immediately wanted to create a version of. Neto’s final looks for the Trashion Show speak to her vibrant, creative spirit, sparking joy through colourful and expressive designs.  Excited to see the energy that the models bring to her looks, Neto is eagerly waiting the catwalk – “I never imagined this happening,” she tells me “this will be a highlight of my university experience”.


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